Live. Love. Get Dirty. Wash. Repeat.

Natalie Martin

We started as a "Soap Company". A little gem amongst thousands of handcrafted soap companies out there. For over two years, we plugged along; making thousands of well-crafted bars of soap and even adding a very popular line of candles along the way. Our brand is unique in its use of ingredients, scents and usefulness. And even more unique in its branding and style. We broke a lot of "rules" along the way. And it's been an incredible journey. But this year brought new perspective. New purpose. New passion. And it's time to live it...

"You've got to come to a place where your passion and your purpose eat you up...{where} You do what you do because you're going somewhere...created to do something of significance." ~Trey Johnson

So here it is. In case we haven't already met; I'm Nat. I've run this crazy little business for almost three years and I have finally discovered the real purpose. The passion. And it's to share the LIFESTYLE that sets my soul on fire...Every. Single. Day. 

"Live. Love. Get Dirty. Wash. Repeat."  Life is too short to be content on the surface. To live gently and quietly out of fear of failure. It's too short to sell ourselves short. To not take the chances that life throws at us. To not DIG IN and do the hard work...the dirty work of becoming better and stronger and more like Him...every day.

So, here's what we stand for...and we hope you'll stand for it, too!

LIVE with passion and purpose. With goals and grit and fortitude.

LOVE this gift of life you were given.

GET DIRTY. Really dirty. Soul-deep dirty. Every day. It's how we get better and stronger and tougher.

WASH away the struggle of the day.

REPEAT. Again and again and again. 

This is what we are tasked with. In the trenches of life. We are called to dig in. To get down with the dirty work of living up to the honor of being created in His image.  So yeah. We're still cranking out some awesome soap. But as a company and a brand we're becoming about something bigger. We're evolving. We hope you'll hang along for the ride!    


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