What are the main ingredients in your soap?

Soaps are made the good ol' fashioned way, using primarily coconut oil and olive oil. Used in the right proportions, soap made with these oils is well-balanced, long-lasting and non-drying. Almost all of our soaps begin with this same recipe, creating an excellent foundation on which to add all kinds of fun and exciting ingredients including craft beers, herbs, clays, salts and more!

What's so great about beer soap, anyways?

Um. Isn't the real question what WOULDN'T be great about a bar of soap that includes some of your favorite craft beers? Joking aside, the sugars in beer lend some extra "umph" to your soap's lather, creating a lacy, ultra-bubbly bath time experience. And don't worry, they don't actually smell like beer...well, at least not in the way you'd think. Beer soaps are scented with essential and fragrance oils to capture some of the best flavors and aromas of their respective beers.

What makes your soaps unique?

In short: pretty-much everything. From the names to the interesting ingredient combinations and custom scent formulations, you can bet you'll be hard-pressed to find other soaps that meet every need you might have. Whether you're looking for a great gift, a bar for sensitive skin or facial care or a way to keep your husband smelling nice, we've got an option for everyone!

How long can I expect one of your 8oz candles to burn?

The beauty of soy wax is not only is it Clean Burning, US-grown and fully renewable it also burns a lot longer than conventional candles. One of the 8oz jars typically burn between 45-55 hours. Now that's what you call "packing a punch"!

Why wood wicks?

Why not?! Horsethief Canyon's wood wicks are organic, US-grown, sustainably harvested, and make a soft crackling sound when they burn!

Do wood-wicked soy candles burn differently?

Yes! There are rules for these things, you know? Check-out the Product Information page for burn tips and tricks to be sure to get the most bang for your buck.