Product Information

Soy Candles

Best Burning Practices

• Wick should be about ¼”above wax when lighting. You may need to carefully break-off a small amount of the blackened part of the wick before burning subsequent times. However, a wick that is trimmed too short will extinguish and no longer light, so take care not to break-off too much. It is recommended to only trim wicks if the flame height has become too tall or the wick begins to smoke. Trimming should take place only once candle is cool enough to handle without risk of burning yourself.
• Know that the flame height will fluctuate during the burn session. If flame becomes too tall, extinguish, trim per instructions above.
• Temperature fluctuations may cause candles “weep”/”sweat”. If this occurs, first acclimate candle in a cool (not cold) room. If oil does not reabsorb, take care to wipe the entire surface of the candle clean before burning and monitor carefully once lit. If weeping/sweating is excessive, discontinue use.
• To avoid “tunneling” and wasted wax, always plan to allow enough burn time for candle to establish a full melt-pool. A full melt-pool is achieved when the melted wax reaches all the way to the walls of the vessel and is approximately ½” deep. This typically takes about 1 hour per inch of diameter (about 2½ +/-hours), though this time may vary.
• After burning, candles may develop flakey, mottled and uneven tops. This is completely normal and will not affect the quality of the burn. Likewise, if a small amount of wax remains on the walls of the vessel, this is nothing to worry about.
• It is a good practice to keep the lid on the candle while not in use. This will keep the scent stronger and the wax from discoloration. Of course, lids should NEVER be placed on candle while burning or while wax is still hot.
• If scent is not strong enough while burning, the room may be too large for the size of the candle. Try in a smaller room during the next burn session.

*As stated on the warning label, do not leave a candle to burn unattended. In addition to the safety recommendations stated on the label, please remember that an open flame does create a potential hazard and utmost care and discretion should always be taken to ensure safe burning.


Handcrafted Soap

Cautious trial of new products is ALWAYS recommended!

Here at Horsethief Canyon Soap Company, every bar is formulated to be well-balanced and incredibly luxurious. We offer a variety of bars, ranging from all-natural bars to craft beer soaps to boldly-scented and colored bars.

All bars begin with a base of olive and coconut oils. But that's about where their similarities end. Craft beer soaps get a hefty infusion of local, California craft beer which lend themselves to a big, fluffy lather. All-natural soaps include everything from clays, to sea salts, to charcoal and various skin-loving herbs and botanicals. If you're wild for a bar rich in scent with fun colors (and maybe even some glitter) we've got that too! 

It is always recommended that any new skin-care product be tried with caution and care. While we take great care to formulate bars with the needs of all skin-types in mind, we know that not it's not a one-size fits all situation. If you ever have an issue, don't hesitate to let us know!