All-Natural Soap // Cold Beer + Mint + Eucalyptus + Cayenne

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All-Natural Soap // Cold Beer + Mint + Eucalyptus + Cayenne

"Pecos Bill & The Widowmaker"

Ol' Pecos Bill never backed away from a challenge...not even when it came to riding the un-tamable bronc "The Widowmaker". And while he may have held onto that miserable booger, you can bet his hind-end was a might sore from all that bouncin'. Time for a shower with a bar full of muscle-soothing salts and essential oils with a hint of warming cayenne pepper and cinnamon, so you can go out an conquer your very own "Widowmaker" again tomorrow.

P.S. The oils used in this bar might cause some tingling. It is advised to avoid use in sensitive areas.


Saponified Olive, Coconut Oils, Ice Cold Coors Light, Distilled Water, Pacific Sea Salt, Essential Oils, Cayenne Pepper, Cinnamon

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